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Tenzing people are kind, considerate and relentlessly focused on your success

We founded Tenzing to build the investment team that we would want investing alongside us.”

Guy Gillon
Co-Founder & CEO of Tenzing

We’re a genuine blend of people who know what it’s like to run a business. We thrive in a culture of shared learning and continuous improvement, and keep ourselves in check with a sense of service, humility and desire to leave a legacy of genuine value creation.

We see ourselves as the entrepreneur’s champion – while being hungry for success, we want to define what that is with you on your unique journey. We don’t chase bottom lines for the sake of it and we don’t take a cookie cutter approach. We do place big bets on hyper-growth opportunities – but recognise the balance between embracing risk and being rigorous.

We take what we do seriously, but above all, believe private equity should be fun, exciting and rewarding – otherwise we wouldn’t be here!

Investment Team

Responsible for teaming up with management teams and sponsoring the investment opportunity through the firm. They make sure all of Tenzing’s resources are available at the right time to support you along the journey. From Base Camp to Summit, they’ll be with you every step of the way.

Guy’s our Co-Founder and CEO and leads on relationships with management teams and investors. He loves working with a super ambitious, kick-ass team that keeps him on his toes 24/7.
Christian, our Co-Founder and CIO, is the brains behind our investment strategies and portfolio performance. With a perpetually curious mind, he’s the guy who gets really excited about a growth mindset.
COO & Investment Lead
Rob the third musketeer in our Co-Founder trio, holds the fort as our COO. His mission? Scouting out new investments and holding a seat on the board of CTS.
Investment Lead
Fiona takes the lead on discovering new opportunities and partners up with management teams to supercharge their business growth. Not just a corporate powerhouse, she’s also a board member at Saville Assessment, activpayroll, PSSG, and Altum, and has a secret green thumb!
Investment Team
Sophie is the ace on our team when it comes to evaluating and executing fresh investment prospects. With her linguistic prowess, she’s fluent in both French and Spanish, making her the go-to expert for appraising opportunities in Western Europe. She’s the bridge that connects us to exciting new possibilities!
Investment Lead (Nordics)
Magnus is our Nordic maestro within the Investment Team, taking the helm in identifying regional opportunities and collaborating with management teams to fuel business growth. Outside the office, Magnus is a devoted family man with a big brood.
Investment Team
Billy is our trusty scout, always on the lookout for outstanding companies to add to our investment portfolio. He doesn’t stop at just finding them; he’s also a pro at crafting the perfect investment structures. Billy holds a spot on the board of MPLC.
Investment Team
Archie works with Maria and Mike in the Specialist Team, with a focus on sourcing, evaluating, and executing opportunities related to the “Office of the CFO”.
Investment Lead
Gareth is our seasoned tech-savvy investor with nearly two decades of experience under his belt, specialising in technology-driven companies. He’s a multi-tasking guru and holds positions on the boards of Altum, EIKON, MetaCompliance, and MPLC.
Investment Team
Philipp plays a significant role in the DACH and Nordic region and is involved in evaluating and executing investment opportunities. He has a strong team ethos having played American Football in a professional team for many years. Having lived in a variety of places, he is happy to be based back in Munich.
Investment Lead
Milan, a founding pillar of our team, is a driving force behind our investment strategy in Europe. With a focus on HCM, Milan has honed his expertise in the field, culminating in the triumphant exit of FMP Global. Milan sits on the boards of PSSG, MetaCompliance, MNI, and Saville Assessment.
Investment Lead
Carl is dedicated to seeking out and spearheading new investment opportunities in the Education and Training sector. But Carl’s love for successful teams doesn’t stop at the office – he’s been a team player since the tender age of six, with rugby and football as his mainstays. Team spirit is his superpower!
Investment Team
Jonas is the go-to expert for the DACH region, tirelessly seeking, evaluating, and executing investment opportunities. He’s not just passionate about deals; he’s also incredibly enthusiastic about tea. You can always spot him at the office, kickstarting his day with an iconic and impressively large pot of green tea.
Laura is our driving force when it comes to assisting management teams at Altum, DJH Mitten Clarke, and Gravita in executing their M&A strategies. For Laura, the team is everything, and she thrives on working with exceptional groups of people.
Row is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs scale their businesses. She’s not just a part of the board at Altum and EIKON but also played a role in the CitNOW Group. What Row loves most about her role at Tenzing is the variety it brings.
Investment Lead
Matt is an Investment Lead at Tenzing with a passion for building relationships with management teams of exciting businesses, helping them achieve their goals.
Investment Team
Nahom focuses on the Nordic region and is involved in identifying, evaluating, and executing investment opportunities.
Investment Lead (DACH regions)
Christian leads regional opportunities, working closely with local management teams in Germany and beyond. He’s particularly passionate about the HealthTech and Digital Health sector and excited to bring our Founder-focused growth equity approach to the DACH region.
Investment Lead
Mike plays a critical role in shaping our Specialist Platforms investment strategy across Europe, with a keen focus on all aspects related to the Office of the CFO. Beyond the boardroom, his heart and energy are devoted to his family, with four boys keeping him happily occupied!
Investment Team
Maria plays a crucial role in evaluating and executing investment opportunities, as well as contributing to ongoing portfolio value creation efforts. Hailing from Italy, she’s a true European at heart, having lived across the continent, with stints in Germany, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg.
Investment Team
Keir is actively involved in identifying, evaluating, and executing investment opportunities. His initial foray into the world of investing had a distinct flavour of leisure, as he delved into the realm of restaurants, bars, and hotels – all, of course, for strictly “work” purposes.
Simon is the mastermind behind our connections with advisors and the linchpin in ensuring we engage with the most captivating businesses. Having been with Tenzing since its early days, he’s dedicated the past nine years to spreading the brand’s ethos and investment appetite throughout the UK and, more recently, into Europe.
Vicky works closely with the MNI and MetaCompliance management teams to uncover their inorganic potential. She’s passionate about crafting tailored M&A strategies, navigating target landscapes, and delivering strategic, value-driven deals – from bolt-ons to transformative acquisitions. She’s all about making M&A magic happen!

Corporate Team

The heartbeat of Tenzing, they run all the core functions you’d expect from a fast growing company: investors, finance, operations, HR and marketing.

Client Services & ESG
Honor takes care of our investors, is heavily involved in making our AGM a huge success and tackles the fundraising scene. Not stopping there, Honor’s hands-on with Tenzing’s ESG. She has been responsible for driving our B Corp certification journey, as well as executing our portfolio ESG strategy.
Performance & Development
Karen shapes the team’s growth through the Altitude Academy and performance processes. From a geography teacher to coaching national sailing squads, her diverse background fuels her commitment to continual learning. Karen embraces each day with a smile, prioritising family moments and finding inspiration in Mary Poppins’ creativity and positive impact.
Kate supports our CEO and CIO by managing their diaries and arranging travel and events. She was drawn to the Tenzing team because of its warmth and go-getter attitude.
EA to Investment Team
Candice is Munich’s Office Manager and EA for the Investment Team. She describes herself as akin to Donna from Suits; nothing escapes her notice, and she always anticipates everyone’s needs in advance. 
Operations Manager
Joanna is the mastermind behind all of our systems and sales operations. She also leads our event management efforts, develops our Support Team and manages office operations.
Team Assistant
Hannah supports Rob, our co-Founder, Liv, our Client Services and Strategy Director, and Matt, an Investment Lead. She also organises advisor events such as the annual ski trip and Cowes Week. Hannah was drawn to Tenzing’s culture and enjoys the dynamic and fast-paced environment.
Talent Community
Rebecca is responsible for finding and nurturing talent, and making Tenzing the employer of choice for the best people in private equity. She also works with our portfolio to ensure they have the right C-Suite in place.
EA to Investment Team
Laura works alongside the Investment Team managing diaries, travel coordination and an assortment of administrative duties, essentially removing “the noise” to make the Investment Leads as efficient as possible so they can focus on the things that move the needle the most.
Client Services & Strategy
Liv looks after Tenzing’s own investors, keeping them informed on progress. She runs our fundraising events and AGM.
Finance & Compliance
Dave holds the financial reins of the business and ensures the effective stewardship of the firm and its funds.
EA to Investment Team
Megan is the Executive assistant to Gareth, Fiona, Keir and Sophie. As their dedicated support, Megan thrives on managing busy diaries, arranging travel logistics and coordinating events to ensure the smooth sailing of their days.
Jade looks after the finances of the various entities within the Tenzing structure (fund and corporate) and supports David Sims, our Finance Director.

Growth Team

They help our management teams get from A to B efficiently, maximising the shared learning of our team and network. They lead on supporting you with your Value Creation plan to take you from Base Camp to Summit within the four to five year private equity cycle.

Finance Operating Partner
Neil is the Finance Operating Partner at Tenzing. He supports the transition of our new portfolio businesses into the world of private equity.
Revenue Lead
James helps our portfolio companies execute both strategic and tactical commercial projects to aid organic growth.
Sales Operations Lead
James is responsible for maximising the leverage of our CRM investment to ensure the Investment Team processes are as slick and automated as possible, ensuring our team has the data they need to focus their efforts as effectively as possible. 
Head of Delivery
Mark supports our portfolio companies by building programme delivery functions and frameworks to drive their growth ambitions.
Internal Systems and Lead-to-Cash
Rob spends his time helping our companies to develop and optimise their whole lead-to-cash process, CRM, internal technology and operations.
Portfolio Programmes Lead
Pauline enables connectivity, idea and knowledge sharing, and increased effectiveness across the Sherpas, Entrepreneurs Panel, Growth Team and Portfolio.
Head of FP&A
Steve works closely with the Finance Teams across our portfolio to provide them with financial planning and analytical support. 


Highly commercial all-rounders, who we plug into your business to work by your side to help embed and execute new projects, and deliver strategic insights and recommendations, at your direction.

Sherpa at Saville Assessment
Ed supports Saville Assessment on strategic projects, working to grow the existing customer base while also looking at some exciting international acquisition opportunities.
Sherpa at Mahr EDV
Greg focuses on growing and scaling portfolio companies in the DACH region and is excited to be venturing out as the first “local” Sherpa based out of Germany.
Sherpa at Totara
Henry is our Sherpa at Totara where he is supporting the CEO on commercial projects and M&A activity.
Sherpa at MetaCompliance
Miles is assisting the leadership team with the integration of a recent acquisition, attaining the B-Corp certification and Board support, amongst other high-value projects.
Sherpa at Mandata
Clive works closely with Mandata’s Leadership Team across several strategic projects, including completing a strategic review of its marketplace product offering and supporting the Directors on executing on growth opportunities.
Sherpa at PSSG
Hillary works with Eric Dunmore, CEO at PSSG, to drive operational excellence.
Sherpa at CitNOW Group
Duncan works closely with the leadership team at CitNOW Group to support them with scaling their commercial function and operating model.

Entrepreneurs Panel

Six of Europe’s top PE-backed entrepreneurs at your disposal to share honest advice based on decades of personal experience. They are all investors in our fund – and invested in your success.

Entrepreneurs Panel
Bill was CEO of Foundry and is our panel expert on tech, product, international sales and scaling.
Entrepreneurs Panel
Ex CarTrawler, now at, Bobby’s our expert on untangling product and engineering challenges.
Entrepreneurs Panel - DACH
Ex Serrala, Sven’s sweet spots are market knowledge, strategic planning, and unpicking what a business’ next five years look like.
Entrepreneurs Panel - DACH
Malte was CEO of Utimaco and his strengths include internationalisation, portfolio and roadmap development and buy and build assessments.
Entrepreneurs Panel
Titus is Founder of MVF Global and our resident expert on lead generation.
Entrepreneurs Panel
Adrian is CEO of Aspen Pumps and our expert panelist on international sales and channels.

Non-Executive Directors

With deep and broad experience of private equity and business, they’ve been fantastic guides and supporters since we started.

Non-Executive Director
Ian was Co-Founder of Hg and lends us significant real-world experience.
Non-Executive Director
With us since the start, Ian helps with our investment process.
Non-Executive Director
Sean provides the Tenzing team with extensive support on investment strategies.
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