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Chief Commercial Officer at activpayroll

Anna Jackson

Anna joined activpayroll as a Sherpa in October 2021. She supported the Leadership Team on growth opportunities and projects and was promoted to the Exec Team as Chief Commercial Officer in June 2022.

Before joining Tenzing and activpayroll, most of Anna’s working life has been the operational leadership of large-scale, multi-sector BPO teams globally. She has worked with some of the biggest brands in the automotive, utilities, retail, telecoms and charity sectors to drive the delivery of business strategies, customer excellence and transformation.

More recently, Anna has worked in a PE-backed business, driving forward performance change programmes for the board and exec team linked to growth.

Working in fast-paced environments and multi-sector outsourcing/BPO has given Anna a solid foundation to work in a company like activpayroll, which is going through rapid change and growth. Having worked successfully with a wide range of stakeholders with varying styles across multiple geographies, she thinks this will be an advantage to her in the role of Sherpa.

Anna has always loved to work with colleagues to deliver meaningful change that drives success. Earning the chance to do the same thing, but with companies going through high-growth and with PE-backing, is an opportunity she’s really excited about.

In June 2022, less than a year after joining the programme, Anna was promoted to permanent staff at activ and joined the Exec Team as Chief Commercial Officer, where she is responsible for sales and marketing. Anna has moved to a member of the Sherpa Alumni Programme, benefiting from ongoing training, coaching and mentoring whilst in her new portfolio role.

The Sherpa Programme offers a unique chance to support the CEO of a high-growth business to achieve success whilst also providing a fantastic environment for personal growth and a network of supportive colleagues and resources to help all of its members be their best.

Favourite Quote

If you never did, you should. These things are fun, and fun is good.”

– Dr Seuss

Favourite Podcasts

Favourite TV show

  • Any nature programme

Favourite books

Favourite magazine

  • National Geographic

Favourite way to spend a day off

  • A slow start… followed by eggs benedict and a strong coffee. Next up, a long walk, followed by a roast dinner and cheese board / wine with friends / family and finished up curled up watching a nature programme. That’s a perfect day for Anna.


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