Sherpa at MetaCompliance

Clare Goodrham

Clare joined our Sherpa Programme in July 2021 and is working with the team at MetaCompliance. Her role as Head of Transformation is to support Meta’s CEO and Leadership team to drive additional growth and solidify their position as the go-to company for cybersecurity and awareness training across the whole of Europe.

Before joining Tenzing and Meta, Clare’s background was in sales, marketing and commercial leadership roles in both PE-backed businesses and smaller, owner-managed companies.

With experience across multiple sectors and working with owner-managers of varying personalities and styles, Clare loves taking the vision and ideas of entrepreneurs and working alongside their existing teams to turn them into practical delivery within a business.

While having only worked for Tenzing and MetaCompliance for a short amount of time, it’s already clear how different the culture and environment for growth is versus many other private equity companies. Tenzing’s desire to add value to its portfolio companies is backed up by the investment in talent across the wider Sherpa Team and the extended Tenzing network.

She loves that there is nothing that someone in the group doesn’t know something about and that she has access to a very experienced and credible group of people who can help portfolio companies to realise growth. The best thing is that everyone is human too and keen to have some fun!

Favourite Quote

Stop wearing your wishbone where your backbone ought to be”

– Elizabeth Gilbert

Things she tried and failed miserably at

  • Piano lessons – She went in desperate to be able to play Bohemian Rhapsody within her first 6-week course of lessons and was rubbish. No coordination of her left and right hand!
  • Riding a motorbike – the dream of cruising around a beautiful Italian coastline on a red Ducati 900 was crushed. See above re no coordination!

Things she loves the most

  • The first coffee of the day
  • Pies – savoury, sweet – anything with pastry really (but it must be shortcrust!)
  • That feeling when you’ve done a good workout and can trade it off for pie!
  • Organising a big gathering of family and friends (even though she moans about having to organise it at the time!

Favourite gigs

  • Keane (before they were famous!) at the Cambridge Corn Exchange
  • High Contrast at the Electric Ballroom in Camden – a genius with mad hair
  • Andrea Bocelli at Wembley – he made me cry in a good way