Sherpa at Ticketer

Clive O’Sullivan

Clive is a Sherpa at Ticketer and has been directly supporting the Founder & CEO there since 2019. He supported the acquisition of FARA, and his most recent project has been a commercial analysis of Ticketer’s products. He is looking at new opportunities for the group.

Clive started his career as an accountant in Australia and ended up predominantly working with founder-led SMEs. He loved working with entrepreneurs to help grow their business but wanted to help them beyond just the finance function, which led him to move to London in 2017 to undertake an MBA.

After completing his MBA, Clive joined Tenzing as a Sherpa as he wanted to help entrepreneurs scale their businesses and was drawn to Tenzing’s approach.

The Sherpa induction, monthly training, weekly mentoring, and day-to-day work supporting the CEO have made me challenge and question the frameworks I learned in business school. No amount of frameworks or textbook models will really grow a business; the Sherpa Programme has shown me that scaling a business requires you to continually question things, genuinely care for your customers and products and ultimately it is your people that matter the most.”

– Clive O’Sullivan, Sherpa at Ticketer


  • Australian rules football
  • Coffee


  • Starting playing Padel (a racquet sport popular in Spain)



  • He has terrible taste in music