Glenn Elliott

Glenn is Tenzing’s former Entrepreneur-in-Residence. He built the Growth team and the Entrepreneurs panel and remains a friend of Tenzing and Chair of our MPLC business.

Glenn joined us right at the start in 2016 by chairing our Entrepreneur’s Panel. He moved to a full time post in March 2020 to create and develop the Growth Team and retired in December 2022. He spent most of his time developing our hugely successful Sherpa Programme built our first team of Subject Specialists and provided ad-hoc advice and guidance many of our Founders, CEO’s and their management teams. He handed over his role to Jason Allen, who he knew well as the CEO at activ payroll and he continues to be Chair of our MPLC business where he works with CEO Rory Sheddon. Together they almost doubled EBITDA in their first year.

He is based in Berlin, Germany and now spend most of his time working behind the scenes of the nightlife industry as a manager of several young DJ’s and an occasional club night promoter. He asked us to make it clear his diary is full and he is not looking for new opportunities.

Favourite quote

You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.”

– Maya Angelou




  • Day off – Netflix in bed
  • Holiday – Staycation, always
  • Hobby – Houseplants
  • Food – Mexican
  • Drink – His current addiction is Crodino as a mixer
  • Exercise – Weights, he’s in the gym six days a week
  • TV – Schitt’s Creek, Sense8, Deutschland, The Great, For all Mankind

Top Business Books