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Guy Gillon

Guy is Co-Founder and CEO of Tenzing. He met Rob in 2005, and together they tried to persuade Christian to invest in a corporate travel business – they failed!

Guy has worked closely with Rob ever since and became very good friends with Christian sharing their passion for sailing and being in the mountains. This often led to many a late-night, sharing a glass or two, discussing the plan to one day set up a fresh new private equity firm, truly differentiated around its support ecosystem for Founders and entrepreneurs. The rest, they say, is history…

If you ignore Guy’s early career as a ski and beach bum, he started life as an accountant, then corporate finance through to private equity investments. But it was his two stints as a PE-backed CEO that were responsible for him setting up Tenzing.

He has lain awake at night worried about culture, sales, and cost base and dreamt about big hairy goals and ambitions.


  • Running Tenzing with Christian and Rob
  • Working with a super ambitious, kick-ass team who keep him on his toes
  • Anything on water or snow



  • Love crisps, any time of day, whatever the diet


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