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Revenue Lead

James Kippenberger

James heads up the commercial focus of Tenzing’s Growth Team and helps our portfolio companies execute both strategic and tactical commercial projects to aid organic growth.

His focus is to support portfolio maturity and the alignment between elements that fall under the ‘commercial umbrella’.

James has set up and run teams across marketing, business development, account management, customer success and product management. He has delivered projects to track the right KPIs, extracting insight from data and enhancing revenue through optimised pricing & packaging. In addition, he has been heavily involved in the diligence and integration of key acquisitions.

Having worked in PE-backed businesses for 16 years, James is aware of the fundamental role commercial activities have in the overall value creation plan. He is, importantly, familiar with the realities and challenges of actually growing a business.

Ultimately, James understands how all the commercial elements of a B2B company need to work together for sustainable growth. He’s keen to share as much of his experience as possible with the portfolio and help wherever he can.

Favourite stage of life quote

In your 20s if you’re home by 4am, that’s ok for work at 8.30am. Now the idea of starting a film at 9pm is ridiculous”

Last (work) book

Favourite foods

  • With the kids; fondue with different sauces
  • With friends; roast Beef with every trimming
  • With his wife; seafood or shellfish
  • With a film; homemade nachos with cheese

Tedious habit

  • Using too many words, unnecessary punctuation and (as a result) poor syntax for, what should be, a relatively standard sentence…!


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