EA & Operations

Joanna Judd

Joanna joined to support our busy team with their day-to-day admin, tasks, and projects.

Tenzing caught Joanna’s eye because of its fast paced, social environment. She loves the variety of her role and is brilliant at keeping all plates spinning.

Prior to starting at Tenzing, she owned an award-winning wedding catering business in the Brecon Beacons before moving to London to become an events planner for Rhubarb, a leading hospitality group. She now puts her event expertise to good use by arranging Tenzing’s vibrant social calendar with her partner in crime, Linzey.

She loves working with such a close and collaborative team (and is also very relieved to no longer be getting calls about table plans at 11pm on a Friday night!).


  • Skiing – the only thing that excites her about winter
  • Designing tablescapes and flower arrangements – the wedding planner in her!

Happy Place

  • Golden hour with a glass of rosé, good company, and a beautiful view


  • She’s a twin. You know what they say, double trouble!
  • NOT a morning person
  • Spent three months living with quokkas – Google them.