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Alumni member of the Entrepreneurs Panel

Louise Rogers

Louise was a Founding Member of the Entrepreneurs Panel and she retired in December 2022. She remains an investor in our funds and is a member of our Entrepreneurs Panel Alumni group.

She worked closely with Glenn Elliott in developing the Entrepreneurs Panel and continues to work with him at MPLC where he is Chair, and she is an advisor.

Advice to entrepreneurs

Don’t believe your own bullsh*t. Constantly worry about the bits of your business you hate, and spend only moments being happy about the bits you have conquered.”

Super strengths

  • Defying gravity (working through solutions to the hardest problems and challenges)
  • Helping coach and build the right teams with management
  • Helping with the transition to private equity
  • Customer-focused strategy

Perfect way to start the day

  • A large coffee, plus a finely tuned to-do list

Perfect way to end the day

  • A beautifully ticked off to-do list and time spare to read a good book

Which good book?


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