Sherpa at Smoothwall

Min-Hwee Lim

Min is a Sherpa at Smoothwall. She is currently supporting Smoothwall’s CEO in improving renewals through developing and designing a customer health score and also identifying and implementing a Customer Success platform.

She trained in the Audit practice of PwC and subsequently went onto a wide variety of roles in Finance, Strategy and even everything to do with getting music from rights holders onto aeroplanes at a PE-backed content provider!

Sometimes, Min still struggles to believe how lucky she is to be on the Tenzing Sherpa Programme, especially after stumbling across the job description entirely by chance during a casual scroll of LinkedIn one evening. Her support network here involves fantastic and inspiring colleagues, and her day job is to support the CEO of one of our portfolio companies in scaling their business through their first period of PE-ownership, learning and improving on her own skills and abilities at the same time.

She particularly enjoys the wide and varied nature of the projects a Sherpa can work on and loves getting stuck into something she has not done before.

I love that my job is supporting the CEO to be as successful as possible, working closely with them on their high-priority, value creation projects. I feel incredibly lucky to be on the Sherpa Programme – I couldn’t ask for a better mentor than Glenn, I have an amazing cohort of Sherpas to go on this journey with and I have access to so many inspiring and lovely individuals within the Growth Network.”

– Min-Hwee Lim, Sherpa at Smoothwall


  • Family, including her two lovely cats
  • Malaysia, her second home
  • Music. Spotify is her favourite app and she is attempting the basics of drumming at the moment.
  • Travelling. After spending six months travelling solo and hiking around Asia in 2018 she is secretly wondering when her next long stint away can be.
  • Powerlifting. Currently waiting to move somewhere she can have her own squat rack & deadlifting platform instead of relying on when a gym can be open.
  • Food. You can probably tempt Min to do most stuff with the promise of good food.

Proudest achievements

  • Getting a Sherpa role at Tenzing
  • A 1RM deadlift of 120kg