Future of Work

Ollie Henderson

Ollie is our Subject Specialist on the Future of Work, working with the Tenzing team and our portfolio companies to reimagine how, when, and where we work.

He is an experienced Founder and CEO who has led multiple tech-enabled businesses through periods of rapid growth (as well as more challenging times). He enjoys drawing on that experience to advise companies on mitigating the risks of rapid technological advances and taking advantage of the opportunities these present.

His most recent venture is Future Work/Life, which works with high-growth business leaders to attract clients and the best talent by sharing their ideas with the world.

Ollie believes we have an unprecedented opportunity to take everything we’ve learned over the past few years to design a new way of working, but that doesn’t mean it will be straightforward. The organisations that flourish will be those who effectively combine the benefits of technology’s ability to remove geographical barriers with an understanding of how to create meaningful connections between people.

He also writes a weekly newsletter that shares insights and analysis to thousands of people interested in the future of work, presents a Top 10 Careers podcast and his first book, Work/Life Flywheel will be published in January 2023.

“Workplace culture is a progression of ideas – rather than something set in stone, the best cultures evolve and adapt, guided by the values of the business and its people.”

Ollie Henderson


  • Reading, writing and discussing the exciting changes that technology is provoking in the way we work
  • Family holidays, whether to the sunshine and beaches of Ibiza or the camping fields of the UK
  • Breaking up the remote workday with a Peloton ride, some yoga, or even an occasional power nap (guilty as charged)

Business books


  • Ollie often suffers from imposter syndrome but was reassured that this can act as positive motivation after Glenn revealed he felt the same during their podcast chat