CFO at The Mothership

Onyekachukwu Obi

Obi started his career at PwC after a short stint at Legal & General helped him decide Actuary involved more math than he’ll probably ever know. After a few years at PwC, he joined an SME bank to help execute its growth plans after its delisting by a private equity consortium before leaving to do an MBA and support the launch of an energy startup.

Right from PwC, Obi has been advising SMEs on M&A and strategic initiatives. During his MBA, he completed multiple internships, which made it very clear his path going forwards is working within organisations to achieve sustainable growth.

Obi joined The Mothership in its startup phase (see below) and played a leading role in fundraising and building the financial models and business plan that brought the CEO’s vision to life. As a member of the founding team, he led the finance function and played a key role in M&A diligence and execution. In November 2022, he was promoted to Chief Financial Officer and remains a member of the Sherpa Programme.

(The Mothership isn’t actually a Tenzing portfolio company. It was co-founded by our Entrepreneur’s Panel member Titus Sharpe, and when he told us of his plans, we were keen to support him with a Sherpa from our Programme. This shows how close we are to our Panelists and also that we know that (some) rules are just meant to be broken.)


  • Football (his alternate life) – five star arm chair manager. Also (tries to) play twice a week. Will give you a good game of FIFA too.
  • Books – big fan of all things Michael Lewis from deep finance stuff like ‘Flash Boys’ to broader topics like innovation in ‘The New New Thing’.



  • Has a very irrational fear of heights but loves flying in planes.