Sherpa at Gravita

Pauline Vargas

Pauline is originally from the US and is fortunate enough to have worked with some amazing teams on both sides of the pond (and beyond!), helping businesses scale efficiently and putting customers at the heart of everything they do. 

She started her career in Accenture’s Strategy Practice, working on turnarounds in the retail sector. Eager to apply her operations skill set to companies earlier in their life cycle, Pauline got her first taste in supporting founders building an incubator investing in ed-tech startups in emerging markets. That experience gave her a window into working closely with customers, which was the focus of her next role at C Space. It was here where she partnered with consumer brands across EMEA to embed customer data into every part of the business. You can ask her about some of her favourite conversations with customers – though there are likely too many to pick from! 

She is thrilled she can now bring all of those experiences to bear and partner with ambitious management teams on their exciting growth journeys as a Sherpa with Tenzing. Her first home is with Gravita.

Favourite Quote

To become a daring leader, take off the armour of perfectionism and jump into the fray of life. You might make mistakes in the process, but you’ll gain something valuable in exchange: the courage to succeed and lead.”

– Brené Brown, from Dare to Lead

Favourite Bakery

  • The Dusty Knuckle makes the best sourdough loaf & breakfast sandwich, the Egg Chilli Cheese, around. Pauline’s waited in the rain for this sandwich (…more than once)

Usual Podcast Rotation

Favourite Holiday

  • Thanksgiving. Pauline tries to go back to Florida to celebrate and be with family, and finds it’s a really wonderful way to kick off the winter holidays (i.e. extend the period of overindulging in food and social events)

She's usually talking about...

  • What she’s making for dinner 
  • Brené Brown
  • If she should get a Peloton
  • Which restaurant she wants to try next 
  • Spinning, and trying to entice others to join