Sherpa at Ticketer

Richard Blackburn-Hughes

Richard is our Sherpa at Ticketer, where he is working on key growth opportunities.

Richard started his career at CIL Management Consultants, where he led commercial due diligence and strategy projects for PE-backed businesses. He worked with a wide range of companies across a huge variety of markets – a great business education.

Keen to get closer to the action and with music a life-long passion, Richard moved to PRS for Music, a rights management organisation for songwriters, composers and music publishers. Here, he worked in and ultimately led the strategy team, working on critical strategic initiatives for the Board and Exec team.

Richard loves working with teams to solve key business challenges. This, combined with the focus on continued learning and development, was the Sherpa Programme‘s main draw.

The Sherpa Programme offers a unique opportunity to work on critical projects for a high-growth business while supported by the incredible Tenzing community.”

– Richard Blackburn-Hughes

Favourite way to spend a day off?

  • A round of golf with friends before heading home for a long lunch and games with family.

If Richard could only eat one food for the rest of his life?

  • Bread, he loves all types and has been known to bake the odd loaf (lock-down cliche or what!). Best with a bit of lightly salted butter… yum!

What does he remember most about his first job?

  • Working in the toy section of his local department store during the Christmas holidays. The team was great and there was an incredible buzz but the Christmas songs on repeat began to tire after a while.

Favourite gigs

  • The Maccabees at Alexandra Palace
  • Snow Patrol at the Carling Academy Birmingham, just as they were breaking through
  • The mud-bath that was Glastonbury 2016