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COO & Investment Lead

Rob Jones

Rob is Co-Founder and COO of Tenzing and works in the Investment team finding and leading transactions.

He met Guy in 2006, and they’ve worked together ever since. During the same year, he also met Christian when he and Guy were trying to persuade Christian to invest in the businesses they were advising.

After deciding he wasn’t going to write film scripts, Rob took on the much more exhilarating role of an accountant, then corporate finance advisor and onto private equity.

During the early part of his investment career, he also doubled up as CFO/COO of small businesses, where he experienced the highs of running a company, as well as the lows of worrying about next week’s sales.

One of Rob’s fondest memories is working with Guy and Christian to design and build Tenzing – beginning with flip charts and felt tips after a quick dash to Rymans! The journey continues, and he loves working with the Tenzing team to support fast-growth businesses and our entrepreneurs.

Rob is on the board of CTS.

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