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Internal Systems and Lead-to-Cash

Rob Tregaskes

Rob is our Subject Specialist on internal technology and spends much of his time helping our companies to develop and optimise their whole lead-to-cash process, technology and operations.

Rob originally joined us as part of our cohort of Sherpas. He’s always had a tech and operations leaning, so it didn’t take long for him to get a reputation as the person everyone wanted to have a look at their operating processes and systems. So, in May 2021, he moved to the Subject Specialists team, and he now spends three to six months with each of our new investments, helping to make them into smooth-running, scalable machines. He loves getting stuff done and improving processes to make them more efficient, often with technology.

Rob started his career in the Army, where his character was shaped by the streets of Iraq and the deserts of Afghanistan. Keen to leave the Army whilst still in one piece and young enough to start a new career, he followed the well-trodden path into Investment Banking Operations. Independently minded and feeling constrained by another large organisation, Rob decided to strike out on his own, starting a tech business and learning about entrepreneurship and failure the hard way. He then joined a promising health tech business as an early employee and hasn’t looked back – building a connected medical hardware supply chain from scratch and scaling it up to shipping to 40+ countries, and delivering double-digit million revenues.

The day to day operations of any modern business is a function of their systems and how processes and people fit around their capabilities or limitations. Having the opportunity to look into the operations of lots of high growth PE-backed businesses and strongly influence the design of their system architecture is a hugely interesting and satisfying experience, and the Tenzing Growth Network is a fantastic habitat in which to do that. Being backed up by the incredible talent and support of Neil, the Sherpas and the broader Tenzing Growth network, is a rare luxury I am very grateful for.

– Rob Tregaskes, Subject Specialist


  • Spending time with family and close friends
  • Working with great people
  • Reading about business, technology and strategy
  • The sea (on/next to it) and mountains (coming down them, quickly)



  • He uses emojis way too much


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