Interim CEO at MPLC

Rory Shedden

Rory has been working with the team at MPLC since summer 2020. His joined to act as change agent, supporting the CEO and quickly went on to become Chief of Staff and then Interim CEO in December 2021.

Since joining MPLC he has developed and begun executing on an ambitious international expansion strategy and is collaborating with the marketing and sales teams to develop MPLC’s digital marketing capabilities.

Before joining MPLC and Tenzing, Rory worked in several PE-backed businesses to deliver a wide range of strategic, value creating projects: from building a market-facing Solution Development function to leading the turn-around of a 500 person shared service center and working with management teams, investors and advisors on two successful exits.

Rory loves working in companies going through rapid change and ‘growing pains’ where he can draw on his experience to help teams align and deliver on their value creation plans. He’s also fascinated by corporate culture and how it can make or break the success of a business.

I work with a great CEO and team, leading projects which are delivering real value creation that will drive a step change in the growth of the business. I’ve also become part of an incredible network of talented and inspiring people across PE: entrepreneurs, chairs, investors and functional experts. They are always on hand to be a sounding board or provide advice. It’s a huge privilege and a great experience.

– Rory Shedden, Sherpa at MPLC

Favourite type of exercise

  • It would probably be a mash-up of (very!) early morning gym sessions, plus trail running somewhere in the wild on a really cold, crisp winter day.

Clearest memory of his first job

  • The realisation that his time was worth way more than he was being paid to give up half his Saturday delivering free newspapers that no one ever read!

Relationship deal-breaker

  • Trust. With it, you can get past almost everything else. When it’s not there, that can undermine the entire relationship.