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Rory Shedden

Rory is the CEO at MPLC, leading the business through a phase of fundamental change and growth. In the summer of 2020, he was part of our first cohort of Sherpas, and we’re proud that he’s the first of the team to have taken on an executive role at a Tenzing company.

As CEO, Rory brings the high empathy, low ego approach of our Sherpa team as he leads MPLC on its journey to be a faster-growing, more profitable and more tech-enabled business. He is also deeply focused on creating an open, transparent, high-performing culture.

When he initially joined MPLC as a Sherpa, Rory led a range of value creation projects, including an international expansion strategy and the launch of a new US-based sales office. He also collaborated with the marketing and sales teams to develop MPLC’s digital marketing capabilities.

Before joining MPLC and Tenzing, Rory worked in several PE-backed businesses, creating capital value through a wide range of projects. These ranged from building a new market-facing team in the USA to leading the turnaround of a 500-person shared service centre in India and working with management teams, investors and advisors on two successful exits.

With MPLC, I’m so proud to have the opportunity to lead a great team at a very special business. We have everything to play for, and the Sherpa Programme has been the ultimate springboard for my first CEO role. Having such an incredible network of subject specialists, PE executives, and of course, the other Sherpas to call on and use as sounding boards is a unique benefit for any CEO.

– Rory Shedden, CEO at MPLC

Favourite type of exercise

  • It would probably be a mash-up of (very!) early morning gym sessions, plus trail running somewhere in the wild on a really cold, crisp winter day.

Clearest memory of his first job

  • The realisation that his time was worth way more than he was being paid to give up half his Saturday delivering free newspapers that no one ever read!

Relationship deal-breaker

  • Trust. With it, you can get past almost everything else. When it’s not there, that can undermine the entire relationship.


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