Seb Aspland

Seb is Tenzing’s Subject Specialist for Technology

Seb helps to build, structure, manage and improve technology teams across our portfolio. He can help design CRMs, as well as inspire and guide a team through agile and DevOps transformations. He is a firm believer in empowered and informed technology teams being able to operate at high speed.

Having started his own web development company, Seb has built a wealth of experience both as a developer and running product teams. He is currently the CTO of one of the portfolio companies, PSSG and is in the process of transforming a 15-year-old technology stack into a modern cloud product.

He is an extremely commercial technology leader and loves nothing more than getting under the skin of tech businesses and understanding how they make money and where they are missing an opportunity.


  • Listening to audiobooks – ‘reading’ up to 150 each year
  • Riding his road bike
  • The buzz when a company is in growth mode
  • Watching Pixar movies with his daughter

Must-read books

Guilty Secret

  • He can’t resist chocolate digestives, so a packet will get eaten in a single sitting unless someone hides them from him.
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