Our Cultural Rocks

There’s so much more to working in private equity than suits and spreadsheets. At Tenzing, we’re ushering in a fresh new wave, defined by personality and purpose, which touches everything we do and sets us apart to excite Founders, investors, and colleagues alike about the journey ahead.

Here are some of the values that underline our way of working and thinking.

Win Together

We value collective winning above individual performance: the win-win is central to how we do business. It’s always the team above personal ambition: the combination of our individual talent, imperfections, and differences make us stronger, more agile and more capable. We’re eager to rely on others for support because we know how the outcome can be improved through collaboration. We’re in it together, so leave the big ego at the door. It’s not welcome here.

Be Human

We’re in the business of people, so we understand the importance of connecting on a deeply human level. Openness, vulnerability, fun, passion and laughter are just some of the behaviours we encourage on a daily basis. We regularly make time to learn about, support and celebrate each other’s goals and achievements and respect the knowledge, skills and ideas that each of us brings to the team. Trust, decency and simple likeability are the qualities that we hope will always define us. ‘Be Human’ sets the bar for how we treat others.

Stay Curious

Pushing boundaries and experimenting with new ways of working are in our DNA. We constantly challenge norms, question how we do things, and raise bars. Our open-mindedness and problem-solving fuels better services and processes; we’re a fountain of new ideas. Constant improvement is the name of the game. If we’re not failing at something, we’re not trying hard enough.

Think Limitless

We’re building a world-class team, made up of world-class people, who achieve world-class results. When Tenzing Norgay and Sir Edmund Hillary chose to take on a mountain, they chose Everest. The hardest climb, the highest peak, and a path no one had gone before. We want to take on new challenges with the same mentality they did. We don’t choose the easy route. Dream big.

Embrace Freedom

We operate in a high-trust environment and empower our team to own their business plan, work towards Tenzing’s shared vision and propel it forward. Each of us wears many hats and takes responsibility for projects outside of our job description, often building something from the ground up. When a volunteer is needed, we all jump at the opportunity to help. We value action, accountability and an “assumptive close''. If we need to run at something, we sprint.

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