Our Cultural Rocks

There’s so much more to working in private equity than suits and spreadsheets. At Tenzing, we’re ushering in a fresh new wave, defined by personality and purpose, which touches everything we do and sets us apart to excite Founders, investors, and colleagues alike about the journey ahead.

Here are some of the values that underline our way of working and thinking.



Our industry is highly pressured. We are mindful that over time, even the very best of intentions can fall by the wayside as ‘business as usual’ gets in the way of why we came here in the first place. We are determined to actively buck this trend. We intend to reign in complacency and retain our excitement and energy in every approach and continuously show what we believe in.


We are curious: we aspire to be great listeners, fully engaged and open to ideas. We freely admit and fix mistakes; we try hard to encourage and grow from timely and candid feedback. We are open-minded, genuinely interested and solidly trustworthy.

Collective Winning

We value collective winning above individual performance: the win-win is central to how we do business. The team above personal ambition: the combination of our individual talent, imperfections and differences makes us stronger, more agile, more capable. We’re in it together, and we have your back.



We believe that equal weight should be given to behavioural, intuitive skills and analytical, rigorous process. To achieve and sustain a world class future-proofed business, we need to master both.


We passionately believe our working life should be exciting, challenging and inspiring: we will do everything in our power to make Tenzing that place. We embrace our team's engaged effort and energy to enrich and to live the adventure.


We empower our team to own our business plan, making it less about rules and regulations, and more about being nimble and believing in their potential. Yet we understand that with freedom comes responsibility and clear and concise communication, but such empowerment and agility leads to competitive advantage.



We have strong, specific ambitions. Underpinning all these is our conviction that Tenzing should define a fresh wave in private equity. With a sense of service and humility, we aspire to do good and leave a legacy of genuine value creation.


We are interested in your whole person: we’d love to be part of your circle of trust for you and your family. We believe in your potential and your journey.

Being Human

We’d love to be best known for our humanity: how much fun, laughter and passion we have. Trust, decency and simple likability are the qualities we hope will always define us.