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Another Podcast

Loved by

Another Podcast is my latest favourite and quite new – it’s from Toni Cowan-Brown and Benedict Evans.

Toni is based in San Francisco and is unashamedly a Europhile having been brought up in Belgium. She has worked in the intersection of European politics and tech, both at The European Commission in tech and health and more latterly in business Development for Nation Builder, the enterprise software for political parties and election campaigns.

I grew up with Benedict, he lived around the corner, and we were in the same class when we were about 10. He’s a big intellect who has been in tech research all his life, most recently as a Strategy Partner at global VC firm Andreesen Horowitz.

Together, each week, they unpack some of the big hairy themes that are going on in the world. They come at it from very different perspectives which makes it informative, entertaining and easy to unpack.