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book - Building a StoryBrand
book - Building a StoryBrand
book - Building a StoryBrand


Building a StoryBrand

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Building a StoryBrand is an awesome marketing book that shares its philosophy with some of Tenzing’s values.

Essentially, the premise is: if you’re setting out to market a product, service or even a business, it’s not about you, it’s about your customer.

And it’s all about creating stepping stones to help the customer on their journey. And, at the end, weaving in some kind of validation for the hard work they’ve undergone.

The other thread to it is about keeping a fairly clean, concise story. You don’t want to overburden your marketing output with too much clutter, because bluntly, it confuses your audience.

And then it’s about choosing the audience you’re going after.

It’s a good read with some interesting, meaningful, practical steps one can take around day to day marketing and sales activity.

Relevance wise, I was thinking about how we could apply some of these principles to improve our behaviour at Tenzing. So rather than our messaging being about Tenzing being a leading private equity firm, instead it would be better to keep the focus on how we deliver amazing support for entrepreneurs to hit the heady heights, and happen to be a source of capital and premium investor.

If we end up showing entrepreneurs the stepping stones they need to realise their life goals and dreams, a happy by-product of that is that we get a great return for our investors. So it’s the philosophy of making sure we’re not putting ourselves in the spotlight, removing our ego out of it and not making us the hero, even if we might be helping point someone in the right direction.

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