Film - The power of vulnerability
Film - The power of vulnerability
Film - The power of vulnerability
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The Power of Vulnerability

Loved by

The Ted Talk that I picked was actually introduced to me by Glenn and was Brené Brown on empathy, which is really lovely.

The talk covers the difference between empathy and sympathy and what empathy means. It gives some really practical advice on ‘here are the things not to do to show empathy’ and ‘here are the things to do’.

And when she talked about it, I found myself thinking “Oh my goodness, yes. Now I really understand why I feel closely connected with that person”. Because often, that person, when you share a problem with them, they empathise with you and almost feel your pain, and in turn, you feel very connected with them.

And then you remember the examples when, perhaps, somebody didn’t do that, or they did it in a different way. And it makes you think; I’m not going to open myself up again to that person because it didn’t feel good and I didn’t feel connected.

So I really, really liked that Ted Talk.