Only Lovers Left Alive Movie Still
Only Lovers Left Alive Movie Still
Only Lovers Left Alive Movie Still
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Only Lovers Left Alive

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Often billed as a Vampire movie, this is not the blood, gore and action-fest you would expect. It’s a meditation on love and life featuring two people who have been married for centuries. According to the script, Eve (Tilda Swinton) is 2,000 years old and was the Druid matriarch of a Celtic tribe. Adam (Tom Hiddleston) is 500 to 600 years old. She lives in Tangia and he in Detroit. Their love has a depth that as humans we can only imagine. They’ve lived through the middle ages, floods, famines and the Inquisitions.

They have seen humans with our deep, inherent flaws, come and go. They are left melancholy, wondering why humans can’t see life for what it is.

This self-obsession, it’s a waste of living… that could be spent on surviving things, appreciating nature, nurturing kindness and friendship. And dancing.”

– Eve, Only Lovers Left Alive

Hardly anyone has seen this movie. It’s not a blockbuster, but it was ranked among the 100 greatest films since 2000 in a 2016 international critics poll. I have watched it nearly a dozen times. I even have the DVD with actor interviews – I am super-nerdy about this movie.

Fun Fact: When director Jim Jarmusch showed his first edit to the movie company they complained there wasn’t enough action. Jim’s response was to remove what action there was in his edit. I love his determination and clear sense of vision. It also has the most beautiful soundtrack which I have on vinyl – the best way to listen to a soundtrack like this.

Watch on Amazon Prime, Apple TV or be truly old-school and get the DVD.