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podcast - The Knowledge Project
podcast - The Knowledge Project
podcast - The Knowledge Project


The Knowledge Project

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I think most people know what The Knowledge Project is, but if you don’t, Shane Parrish is the host. He goes and interviews people who are the best in their field at whatever they do.

He calls this ‘standing on the shoulders of giants’. And it’s really taking everything that they’ve learned and using that as brain food.

He does a really interesting interview. He’s got this lovely mix of human-ness around how he interviews. He often talks about the softer side of his guest’s lives, as well as the factual sides of what they’ve learned.

And, so, you get a real insight into how that person grew up, and why they are the way they are, as well as some of the research they’ve done. And he does it in a really interesting way that you can’t help but want to get the next episode and listen to the next thing.

It’s super high quality. There’s only about a hundred episodes, with one released every week, or every couple of weeks. Most of them I love. There are some that aren’t in my genre, but generally, I love them all.

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