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What You Do Is Who You Are: How to Create Your Business Culture

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Both business books that Ben Horowitz has written battled it out for the top spot on my list. Whilst I’d wholeheartedly recommend ‘The Hard Thing About Hard Things’ as a tale about his amazing entrepreneurial journey, his book about business culture tops it.

In ‘What You Do Is Who You Are’, Ben unpicks huge cultural and human behavioural traits from our world’s history. He digests them whilst clearly demonstrating, in real-world business examples, how these behaviours can manifest themselves in your company’s performance, for good or bad.

Ben digs deep into culture and social behaviour, ranging from prison gangs, Samurais, and the slaves of Haiti. I love how the book meshes the real-world business examples that can be inspired from these. Above all, its a super easy book to read and very relatable. Get rid of catchphrases, clichés and slogans and start living your culture.

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