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Taking the next step in your journey - together

As a CEO, we’ve been where you are and know what it takes to get there. As an entrepreneur, we understand what you’ve put in, and now what you want to get out of it. But most importantly, we get what keeps you awake at night. So it’s not about taking over with paperwork and rules – that’s just not our style. We honour what you’ve created and are here to enrich your culture, not wash it out. We work together to take your business – and you – to the next level.

We don’t have a universal formula to do that, but what we do have are a number of proven strings to our bow, from which we can create a tailored master growth plan developed just for you, your business and your goals.

Taking calculated risks on ambitious growth plans, we design with you a capital structure that combines your growth momentum with taking advantage of the best market opportunities to secure the return we’re all aiming for. The part that gets us really excited is when we explore growth opportunities over and above the core business case – the high risk, high reward big bets that more often than not pay off.

Taking this approach has seen us scale some of the most promising, tech-enabled market leaders into phenomenal forces. Whether it’s through helping tackle the UK’s bullying crisis, keeping cyber threats at bay or bringing the latest Hollywood blockbusters to consumers’ screens.

Here for the ride

Embarking on a period of exponential growth can be a wild ride, but having the right partner by your side can help you tackle your business’s biggest challenges, navigating your way to success. Dare we say it, it might even be fun.

Here’s how we can help meet the needs of both shareholders and the wider business:

Shareholder needs:

  • Growth and follow-on capital: from funding key growth initiatives to accelerating new product development, to financing acquisitions and international growth, we’ll inject what’s needed to achieve scale. 
  • Replacement capital: whether it’s time to buy out departing shareholders or de-risk continuing shareholders, we’ve got you covered.
  • Part selling and de-risking: an equity partner may be the ideal solution to rebalancing your wealth and shareholder base and de-risking your personal exposure. You can enjoy access to additional capital, all without compromising your freedom to enter new markets, hire talented management, invest in the business or make acquisitions.
  • Succession: We have decades of experience supporting Founders on their succession journey, allowing them to have the choice whether they stay and reinvest in the business at each stage of capital realisation.

Business needs:

  • Technology and platform development: we have access to some of the market’s top product and engineering minds, who have built or rebuilt award winning, high growth platforms – even delivering over six years of technical development in as many months to our portfolio companies.
  • Sales growth: Growing sales might mean adapting your processes and techniques through rigorous focus, but it needn’t be daunting. We’ve learnt a thing or two along the way about growing sales – it’s what we’ve built much of our successful track record on – and we’re only too glad to share that with you.
  • International expansion: We use our network and international contacts to help you access new markets and develop additional distribution channels.
  • Accessing talent: From non-executive directors to senior management, our in-house recruitment team will support you in selecting the best.
  • M&A: Clearly defining your M&A strategy for your business, helping you navigate the search process all the way through to that crucial offer stage.
  • New product development: We set up an environment to encourage the investment behind the next set of products you want to take to market, supported by a highly experienced team of CTOs, product leaders and tech Founders.
  • Preparing for exit: With well over 100 sales processes under our belts, we know how to deliver premium returns for all key stakeholders, and make sure everyone’s aligned when it comes to objectives.
Instant chemistry. We are absolutely driven by the heart, not the brain, and I knew immediately we could work together. And we work best when we are happy. I knew within 10 minutes Tenzing was my preferred partner.”

John Clarfelt
Founder of Ticketer

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