Beyond Measure by Margaret Heffernan

Recommended by Glenn Elliott

“We measure everything at work except what counts. Numbers are comforting – income, expenditure, productivity, engagement, staff turnover- and create an illusion of control. But when we’re confronted by spectacular success or failure, everyone from the CEO to the janitor points in the same direction: the culture. Beyond measure and sometimes apparently beyond comprehension, culture has become the secret sauce of organisational life: the thing that makes the difference but for which no one has the recipe.” Beyond Measure is the output of Margaret’s decades of work as a CEO, noticing and recording the surprising impact of small changes that can be made to an organisation. She talks eloquently of “social cohesion” – the ‘mortar between the bricks in an organisation”, the “oil that let’s the wheels turn”.

Beyond Measure is a short book, a fast read. It’s a treasure trove of actionable insight into what makes great companies work.

Recommended for leaders, entrepreneurs and anyone wanting to get an edge through the performance of their people.

Watch Margaret explain the key concepts behind Beyond Measure at the Women in Leadership Summit here

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