Let My People Go Surfing

Yvon Chouinard is the founder and owner of Patagonia. Let My People Go Surfing is a timeless book that should be read by every entrepreneur or even business person — from the corporate head honcho to climbing-the-ladder post room staff. Yvon’s life manifesto reads like an après ski cocktail: part autobiography (from steel-bashing piton maker to soul surfer), part business book and part encouraging call for corporate responsibility, written with refreshing honesty and detail.

Patagonia is such a well-respected company because of Chouinard’s ideals, and how they are reflected in the workplace. They have their own on-site day care so parents can come and spend time with their kids during lunch hour. They believe that happy and healthy employees are valuable, productive and committed employees. That’s why the cafeteria serves healthy, organic, mostly vegetarian food, and employees can use company time to participate in Patagonia’s environmental program or start one of their own…as long as their regular jobs gets done of course.

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