Powerful by Patty McCord

Recommended by Glenn Elliott

Patty McCord was Chief Talent Officer at Netflix for 14 years from startup until 2014. During that time, working with founder Reed Hastings, they set about to invert the normal path of progress. From their work together in other companies they’d seen how as companies grow, talent density shrinks – the forces of growth weigh heavy on people, processes come in and the best people leave. Ultimately spunky startups end up as average corporates. Netflix was, and is, an experiment in subverting that. They designed and perfected a culture based on a brave world where people are treated as “fully formed adults” in a culture of minimal process and minimal procedure.

The Netflix culture was first documented in a slide deck “Netflix : Freedom & Responsibility” posted onto Slideshare in 2009. To date it has been downloaded 18 million times and Facebook’s COO Sheryl Sandberg said it was “probably the most important document ever to come out of Silicon Valley”. Powerful charts the history of this full 14 year period in Netflix history, explaining the leadership, management and people choices that built the world’s largest video on demand service.

A must read for anyone leading a fast growing team.

See Patty interviewed by Tenzing’s Entrepreneurs Panel chair, Glenn Elliott, here
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