Wilful Blindness – Margaret Heffernan

Recommended by Glenn Elliott

Our brains are pre-wired to love familiarity. More people called Carol like Coke than average. More people called Paul like Pepsi than average. Dentists are over-represented by people whose names begin with ‘D’ and there are more people living in the state of Georgia than you should expect compared to other states. This”judgement shortcut” predisposes us to all manner of judgement bias and it can manifest itself in us not seeing the obvious that is right on front of our eyes. In a fascinating and engaging read, award winning CEO and star TED Talker, Margaret Heffernan takes us on a journey of understanding how wilful (but often unwitting) blindness wreaks havoc on our businesses.

Reading this book can open your eyes to truths staring you right in the face, or at least make you realise you need more help to see the full opportunities you have around you.

Shortlisted for the FT/Goldman Sachs Business Book of the Year Award.

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