Andreesen Horowitz

Otherwise known as A16Z, Andreesen Horowitz is a $4bn venture capital firm from Menlo Park, California. Founded by entrepreneurs Marc Andreesen and Ben Horowitz, A16Z has so many operating partners that it’s hard to tell the difference between the investment team and the operators. It’s not their investments in Airbnb, Box and BuzzFeed, nor the amazing hands on support that they give their growing portfolio companies that make us love them; it’s their approach to private equity and venture capital. They are open and inspiring, and they share their amazing insight, experience and knowledge freely with the world. They recruited Benedict Evans as a Partner to provide clear, witty and illuminating analysis on the tech world. They produce amazing content, especially those that we curate and send out to you in our Chronicles. Thank you and Kudos to them.

Take a look at their site here and make sure you follow these twitter accounts @pmarca@bhorowitz and @BenedictEvans.