Finding your next acquisition

Buying up a competitor or complementary business is a highly effective way to accelerate growth, and extend both market share and your total addressable market. This can range from absorbing small bolt-ons, which may bring you additional gross margin or accelerate new product development, or making larger, more transformational acquisitions.

We start by clearly defining the M&A strategy for your business, working with you to identify the right players and secure Board approval. The next phase is the search process – venturing out into your world to understand who’s out there in what number. Then, it’s time to narrow the search down into selected targets, keep momentum to reach that crucial offer stage, and finally execute the transaction.

Tenzing has dedicated resource in our Acquisitions Directors, Matt Nicholson and James Knott. Matt and James focus exclusively on sourcing acquisitions for our portfolio companies, from generating acquisition ideas to mentoring management teams through the approach, execution, and integration process.

Drawing on 20+ years of M&A experience, they have successfully sourced hundreds of high-quality deal opportunities across our portfolio, helping all of the management teams they work with to buy a business.

The pair operate as an in-house deal execution resource, looking after M&A as an end-to-end process, whilst working closely with management to design unique KPIs that matter to them.

Matt has been instrumental in helping complete our acquisitions. Having an experienced M&A director to help us with the whole process, from identification of the opportunities to due diligence, has been really useful. Matt’s been a big asset to us during the process.”

Nigel Wright
Founder & CEO of CTS

Growth Team


James works with Jeffreys Henry and MetaCompliance to enhance their strong organic growth with strategic bolt-on acquisitions.

Growth Team


Matt helps our portfolio teams develop M&A strategy and find acquisitions.
Acquisition Sourcing

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