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Reach the summit with our Growth Network

Our Growth Network helps our management teams do just that – grow their businesses. They lead the way in supporting you with your Value Creation plan to take you from Base Camp to Summit within the four to five-year private equity cycle.

Not just advisors, but seasoned operators who understand the nuances of your industry and what it’s like to be in the trenches. They have experience, wisdom and hindsight on their side – and now yours.

We’ll work together to develop a shared growth vision for your business

Getting to Base Camp

Your first year as a Tenzing-backed business is about getting to Base Camp. That means helping you to refine your business into a stable platform that is a springboard for growth. We will help you establish a strong board, recruit senior talent, strengthen the finance function, develop a growth plan, and invest in business systems and technology.

Leaning into the Climb

In the climb, or over years two to four, we work with you to identify how to supercharge growth. This might involve building out the sales team, improving sales processes, investing in lead generation, new product development, acquisitions and international expansion. This builds the foundations for a successful exit.

Reaching the Summit

Between us all, we have decades of experience selling to and working alongside other mid-market PE firms. So when it’s time to exit, we can deliver a premium valuation for your business, in what we know is a highly competitive market.

Here are some of the ways the Growth Network can support you on your journey:

  • Growth Team: Execute impactful value creation strategies with our Growth Team of experienced operators in finance, operations, and organic and inorganic growth. 
  • Acquisitions Directors: M&A is a strong strategy for scaling your business. We help define and execute your approach, finding and buying companies that support and accelerate your growth.
  • Sherpa Programme: Turbo-charge growth by embedding high-quality operator talent into your business through our Sherpa Programme.
  • Tenzing Portfolio: Access support from fellow portfolio companies, creating a collaborative ecosystem for mutual growth and success
  • Expert Network: Overcome challenges effortlessly with our Expert Network, connecting you to trusted third-party subject matter experts for tailored solutions
  • Portfolio Leadership Network: Collaborate with industry leaders to drive collective growth strategies
  • Board: We partner with you to create an experienced Board to guide strategic decision-making and provide valuable input
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