Our Sherpas help you find your way

Like the guidance Tenzing Norgay gave Sir Edmund Hilary as he summited Everest, your dedicated Sherpa will support you as you climb and overcome your own Everest.

We start by recruiting highly commercial, top talent. Then we develop them in a three-week induction and training programme and support them with one day per month of continuous professional development. Sherpas are coached by our Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Glenn Elliott and a vibrant online Sherpa community enables them to share ideas and learnings so you get the best of a truly high performing team.

A Sherpa works directly for you, the CEO, at the heart of value creation to help you grow your business faster. Projects and priorities are decided on by you and your board – not us.

Real example projects include:

  • Deciding on the location of a new USA outbound sales call centre
  • Increasing revenue from resellers by analysing high performing regions
  • Analysis and recommendations to bring an outsourced partner’s work back in-house
  • Increasing product up-sell by analysing customer and product data
  • Building a business plan for international expansion
  • Improving sales effectiveness with a CRM implementation
  • Revamping internal technology and systems
  • Improving contract renewal performance by implementing customer health scoring
  • Implementing customer success automation technology
  • Developing new pricing and subscription models
  • Vendor selection and procurement for new finance system
Having a Sherpa to look at growth prospects, away from the distractions of the day to day running of the company, gives fantastic freedom to really explore and scale new peaks that would otherwise not be possible. An invaluable asset to the company’s objectives.”

Mike Weatherley
Former CEO of MPLC

Meet the Sherpas

Highly commercial all-rounders, who we plug into your business to work by your side to help embed and execute new projects, and deliver strategic insights and recommendations, at your direction.

Sherpa at MetaCompliance
Clare supports Meta’s CEO to drive growth and solidify the company’s position as the go-to solution for cybersecurity and awareness training across the whole of Europe.
Sherpa at Ticketer
Richard is our Sherpa at Ticketer, where he is working on key growth opportunities. He loves working with teams to solve key business challenges.
Sherpa at activpayroll
Anna is currently supporting activpayroll’s Leadership Team on executing against key growth opportunities and projects.
Sherpa at CitNOW
Min is the Sherpa at CitNOW where she is supporting the CEO on strategic, value creation projects.
Clive is currently in between secondments, but we’re making the most of having our first Sherpa-in-Residence. Clive spent the past two years as Sherpa at Ticketer where he directly supported the Founder and CEO.
Sherpa at The Mothership
Obi’s role is to bring the CEO’s vision to life. The Mothership isn’t actually a Tenzing portfolio company. It was co-founded by our Entrepreneur’s Panel member Titus Sharpe and we were keen to support him.
Sherpa at MPLC
Sayen is supporting the CEO through an exciting period driving top and bottom line growth.
Interim CEO at MPLC
Rory joined MPLC in summer 2020 and became interim CEO in December 2021. He is leading the business through a period of change to improve efficiency, drive profits and growth.
Sherpa at VIPR
Israel is honoured to be a Sherpa at VIPR. He’s looking forward to the variety of the role and is excited at the prospect of his parents finally understanding what he does for work.
Sherpa at Jeffreys Henry
Pauline is supporting the Jeffreys Henry management team as they look to become the UK’s leading tech-enabled tax, audit, and advisory provider to entrepreneurs and SMEs.

Become a Sherpa

Tenzing’s Sherpa Programme is a real accelerator to a career in PE-backed companies. Sherpas are MBA-level, whether by education or experience, and often have 2-3 years of consultancy experience followed by 3-7 years of experience in a PE-backed or VC- backed company.  We offer:

  • £100k salary plus benefits
  • A 3-week induction programme with over 30 external presenters, 20 of them CEOs or former CEOs
  • A full day of continuous professional development every month
  • Monthly 1-2-1 and coaching with Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Glenn Elliott
  • Membership of the Sherpa Cross-Portfolio Network to collaborate with your peers
  • Mentoring opportunities with our Entrepreneurs Panel
  • Continuous training and support from our Subject Specialists
We open Sherpa recruitment once or twice per year depending on our resource needs and Glenn doesn’t interview outside of a recruitment process. We’re not recruiting right now but if you would like to be notified when we do, reach out to Linzey Ryan and ask to be put on the mailing list.

In advance of our next recruitment window, you can read the full job advert here.
I love that my job is supporting the CEO to be as successful as possible, working closely with them on their high-priority, value creation projects. I feel incredibly lucky to be on the Sherpa programme – I couldn’t ask for a better mentor than Glenn, I have an amazing cohort of Sherpas to go on this journey with and I have access to so many inspiring and lovely individuals within the Growth Network."

Min-Hwee Lim
Sherpa at CitNOW