Help your specialist staff find their tribe with our cross-portfolio networks

Being the only marketing, product or HR specialist in a company can be lonely – and who do you learn from? Our specialist networks for CEOs, HR, Marketing, Sales and Product leaders across the Tenzing portfolio meet regularly to share challenges, ideas and inspiration, providing a place to connect and develop.

Our networks are led by specialists with deep topic expertise:

  • HR, People & Culture Network: Sarah Akanbi has spent more than a decade in HR, including specialisms in employee engagement, organisational structure and people operations.
  • Technology Network: Seb Aspland has built a wealth of experience both as a developer and running product teams. He is currently CTO of one of our portfolio companies, PSSG.
  • CEO Network: Glenn Elliott, Tenzing’s Entrepreneur-in-Residence and Chair of the Entrepreneur’s Panel.
  • Revenue Leader Network: Shelley Lavery, sales leader, coach and entrepreneur with 10 years of international experience at Group Sales Director level.
  • Internal Communications & Employee Engagement Network: Catrin Lewis, internal communications specialist, published author and conference speaker with 10 years of internal communications experience in tech businesses.
  • Marketing Director Network: Charlie Taylor, Tenzing’s Marketing Director with 10 years experience in B2B tech marketing.

Each of these network leaders is responsible for connecting their peers in Tenzing’s portfolio companies; sharing problems, opportunities and experiences to learn from and support each other.

All companies are unique of course, but they often have similar scaling issues, such as rolling out a new sales process, implementing a new piece of tech, breaking into international markets or even hiring a digital marketer for the first time.

Being able to access a high quality sales leader like Shelley to work alongside and with our sales organisation has been transformational. She has helped us strengthen our sales environment and process and has also brought innovative and fresh ideas to the table.”

David Wall
CEO of UnaTerra (part of PSSG)

Subject Specialists

Rather than relying on consultants who overwhelm with expensive PowerPoints and lots of options, we’ve curated a team of inspirational, hands-on experts from PE-backed businesses to help you and your team in sales, marketing, employee engagement, HR, product and engineering. They can help you recruit, design teams and incentive programmes, and even coach and mentor your key staff.

HR, People & Culture Expert
Sarah helps the Tenzing portfolio companies understand HR and how to get the most out of the People & Culture.
Technology Expert
Seb’s our expert on product management and also knows a lot about leading engineering teams.
Glenn chairs our Entrepreneurs Panel and helps our management teams to grow their businesses. He also mentors our Sherpas.
Revenue Expert
Shelley’s got a huge amount of experience in B2B tech sales which she shares across the Tenzing portfolio.
Employee Engagement Expert
Catrin runs our vibrant network of HR leaders across the portfolio, all working together to engage their people.
Marketing & Community
Charlie shows entrepreneurs what life would be like if they were backed by Tenzing. She also leads our network for Marketing Leaders across the portfolio.