Relationships and Friends

Relationships are the core to everything we do. We care about the people that we work with and who we work for. We care about the management teams we invest alongside, the Advisors that introduce us to the opportunity, and we care about the friends and families of all of those wonderful people. We like to be judged on our behaviour and if we say we will do something, we hope that the relationship is so strong that it is not doubted. We believe what goes around comes around and we are happy to be judged that way. We love nothing more than a relationship that is interested in the win-win. Strong relationships merge into fun and friendship, and we can’t have enough of those.


We value friends that are good, or even indifferent, but still are friends. We want friends who we can celebrate with, who are honest to us, commiserate, and sympathize with us, but who can also offer us no sympathy at all if that’s what is needed. We want to cry, laugh and stay in touch more. Trust, honesty and dependability are all built from strong relationships, and halleluiah to that.