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Investment Principles

Accessing talent

We are committed to supporting our portfolio management teams through access to some of the best talent available. Whether it’s non-executive directors or senior management, our in-house recruitment team will use their network to support you in selecting from the best: we continually look for best practices and training methods to ensure the finest team is available to you.

Technology and platform development

We love businesses whose processes facilitate material scale up and can become technology enabled. Through our network, we have access to some of the very best CTOs in our market, who have built or re-built award winning platforms that are integral to the high growth in their businesses. These CTOs are available to you and in recent cases have helped deliver over 6 years of technical development in as many months to our portfolio companies.

Overseas expansion

As our portfolio companies are either niche market leaders or challenger businesses, we use our network and international contacts to help them access new markets and to develop new distribution channels. We invest behind this strategy to ensure that the growth opportunities remain compelling.

Sales growth

Much of our successful investment track record centers on businesses that have materially grown their sales. Many of these business have adapted their sales processes and techniques through rigorous focus, and we share that continuous learning culture with all our portfolio investments.

Follow-on funding and sympathetic capital structures

We continue to invest in our businesses throughout the investment cycle. Profits are reinvested in delivering and supporting growth and follow on finance for new product development, acquisitions, rolling out initiatives, and step change investment in growth.

Preparing for exit

The team at Tenzing have been heavily involved in well over 100 sales processes. The ‘Dirty Dozen’ is a refined strategy with a proven track record of delivering premium returns for all key stakeholders. At the heart of this is the alignment of objectives amongst the management team, directors and shareholders.