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John Messer


John works in our Investment Team leading deals and working with management teams to help them scale their businesses.


John’s route to Tenzing was by no means a straight line. Interested in people, he studied Archaeology and Anthropology, and was tempted by a career as an academic building on his dissertation that showed that people can pick their ideal genetic mate from the smell of sweaty t-shirts!


But having spent enough time in sweaty t-shirts playing sport, he decided it was time to get a real job. Feeling the need to get grey suit credentials, he then spent six years as a consultant advising companies on their growth and M&A plans.


His first experience of investing was interning for Christian, and after a stint in distressed investing (where he learnt more about the olive oil market than anyone rightly needs to know) he reconnected with Christian and joined Tenzing in 2017.


Favourite quote


“If you are going through hell, keep going” – Winston Churchill




  • A keen rugby player and watcher, he led a rugby tour to Argentina where one of the games was against the inmates of a max security prison. He also attended the entirety of the 2019 Rugby World Cup in Japan.
  • A devoted carnivore, he knew he’d found the right home at Tenzing when his first birthday cake was a giant pork pie.




From a family of academics, John only recently convinced his relatives that he was doing something worthwhile when he explained that many of Tenzing’s investors are University pension schemes. His mother is still not convinced.




John’s an avid reader and enjoys the following blogs:


  • Exponential View / Azeem Azhar
  • Investor Amensia
  • Howard Marks
  • Benedict Evans
  • Musings on Markets
  • Scott Galloway


Since discovering podcasts can run at 2x speed, he’s now a big fan of the following:


  • Farnham Street / The Knowledge Project
  • Don’t Tell Me The Score
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