First Sherpa Training Camp announced for Berlin, June 2022

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Following the success of monthly Continuous Professional Development (CPD) days which run every month, Tenzing has announced the first week-long Sherpa Training Camp to be hosted in Berlin in June 2022.

Professional development and training are a key part of the Sherpa Programme, and the anchor of this has been the CPD days which take place on the second Wednesday of every month. These CPD days see all Sherpas gather in London for a day of sharing challenges and opportunities from across the portfolio. Each day has three external speakers, including members of Tenzing’s own Subject Specialists network and the Entrepreneur’s Panel.

Now Tenzing has announced an annual Sherpa Training Camp will be added to give additional resources to this key part of the programme. The first, week-long session will be held in Berlin in June 2022. The theme will be M&A integration, and speakers will include Titus Sharp, Adrian Thomson and Louise Rogers from the Entrepreneur’s Panel.

All members of the Sherpa Programme will be invited, including those who have been promoted to permanent portfolio roles. The agenda will include a mix of work, social and team-building activities, reinforcing another key aspect of the programme, which is the Sherpa network, where Sherpas all help each other working across the portfolio leveraging individual areas of specialism and skills.

The agenda for the first Sherpa Camp is available here.


Glenn Elliott

Glenn Elliott

Glenn leads our Growth Team which is there to help our CEO's and their management teams to grow their businesses. He runs the Sherpa programme, looks after our Subject Specialists and also chairs the Entrepreneur's Panel. Glenn is a serial entrepreneur with over 20 years of CEO experience. He sold his last business, Reward Gateway, to PE three times. His skills are in product, engineering, sales and marketing and his passions are leadership, company culture, employee engagement and social justice. In 2018, he wrote the Amazon HR Bestseller, Build it: A Rebel Playbook for World-Class Employee Engagement.