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Gravita doubles down with second Sherpa to join CEO Caroline Plumb

Following the success of the first Sherpa Pauline Vargas, Gravita is announcing the appointment of a second Sherpa to join the company.

Simon Gateley has been recruited to join the Sherpa Programme with Gravita as his first assignment. He will work closely with new CEO Caroline Plumb, who herself joined the company in February 2022. His initial focus will be on finance process improvements before broadening into wider value creation projects, including M&A integration working alongside existing Sherpa Pauline Vargas.

The company is Tenzing’s flagship investment in the tech-enabled tax, audit, and advisory provider sector. Pauline Vargas has been working closely with Gravita since August 2021, and this is the first time a Tenzing portfolio company has created a second Sherpa position.

In announcing the new position, CEO Caroline said:

Sherpas and the whole Sherpa Programme add a massive amount of value, and I have now seen first-hand what an immediate and visible impact they can make on the business. My job as CEO is made far more deliverable with a Sherpa by my side – they are a huge multiplier on my time and ability to deliver.
I’ve been impressed by the quality of the people and the support and ongoing development and training they get, and I’m really excited about Simon joining us to further increase this.”

Simon joins Tenzing and Gravita following over five years of experience at EY and 18 months as Finance Director of Marketing technology specialist ProQuo AI.

Guy Gillon, Tenzing’s Co-Founder and Joint Managing Partner, said:

It’s fantastic to hear that one of our portfolio companies is so positive about the value created by the Sherpa Programme that they have chosen to appoint a second. Almost every week, we hear incredible stories of the value our Sherpas are delivering and how they accelerate revenue and profit growth in our companies.”


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Glenn Elliott

Glenn is a serial entrepreneur with over 20 years of CEO experience. He sold his last business, Reward Gateway, to PE three times. His skills are in product, engineering, sales and marketing, and his passions are leadership, company culture, employee engagement and social justice. In 2018, he wrote the Amazon HR Bestseller, Build it: A Rebel Playbook for World-Class Employee Engagement.
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