COVID-19 update: It’s not the mountain we conquer but ourselves

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We started Tenzing to scale some of the greatest challenges that we could set our minds on. At the heart of this is the support of Founders and management teams in scaling their most ambitious goals, and along that journey building deep trusted relationships and friendships, sharing the highs and lows of the expedition.

Naturally, COVID-19 is an uncontrollable element that has been sent to test us all. It brings to mind that at the heart of everything we do, and the reason we do it, is both our own and the wider Tenzing family. We love working with our trusted advisers, our hard-working Founder management teams and the investors all over the world that share our vision for backing high growth tech companies.

We are so grateful for such cherished relationships and we hope that everyone’s families are as fit and healthy as can possibly be and that everyone stays safe.

Where practical, we are working virtually, and continuing to look at supporting new management teams whilst there is still the desire to move forward. We remain flexible and conviction-led and can provide both growth capital and liquidity if helpful.

The coming weeks and months will be super challenging to many entrepreneurs and communities at large.

If there is anything that we can do to help you and your businesses in these challenging times please shout, even if it’s to review a book that you were 50/50 about reading. Suggestions welcome…

Big hugs, Namaste

The team at Tenzing



Guy Gillon

Guy Gillon

Guy is Co-Founder & Joint Managing Partner of Tenzing. If you ignore his early career as a ski and beach bum, he started life as an accountant, then corporate finance through to private equity investments. But it was his two stints as a PE backed CEO that were responsible for him setting up Tenzing in 2016. Here, he leads on relationships with management teams, and enjoys working with a super ambitious team who keep him on his toes.