Sherpa Cohort 2 recruitment completes with seven new joiners

Tenzing’s unique Sherpa Programme trebles in size with seven new joiners taking the number of participants to 11.

One year on from its first batch of recruitment, seven new people joined Tenzing’s Sherpa Programme. The Programme is the cornerstone of Tenzing’s value creation and Portfolio Growth Team, placing an ultra-high quality professional “all-rounder” as a direct report to each of our CEO’s to help them drive growth in their portfolio company (job advert here).

The Programme was imagined by Tenzing’s Managing Partners Christian Hamilton and Guy Gillon and was brought to life when Glenn Elliott joined as Entrepreneur-in-Residence. Glenn has been responsible for the Programme design, recruitment, ongoing training and support and portfolio company interface.

The seven new joiners are the result of a four-month recruitment process which took 87 candidates through a detailed and structured interview and selection process. Existing members of the team from Cohort 1, recruited in September 2020, played leading roles in the selection.

The unique recruitment process was developed in-house, and elements of it have already been adopted by several of our portfolio companies, including MPLC, EIKON, MetaCompliance and Tenzing itself for our Investment Team. The process has been discussed on a number of blogs and podcasts, including The Talent Revolution and The Hiring Partner Perspective.

“We could not be happier with how the Sherpa Programme has developed and delivered this past year. It has surpassed all of our hopes for effectiveness, and our CEOs love it. This new expansion will really take our value creation to the next level.”

Christian Hamilton, Managing Partner, Tenzing

Pauline Vargas will join Gravita, Sayen Pillay will join MPLC, Clare Goodrham will join MetaCompliance, Obi Obnykachukwu will join The Mothership, Anna Jackson will join activpayroll, Israel Sotonwa will join VIPR and Richard Hughes will join Ticketer.

All Sherpas will benefit from a three-week induction programme before joining their portfolio company, fortnightly coaching and support from Glenn Elliott and a monthly Continuous Professional Development day which is deeply integrated with Tenzing’s Subject Specialists team and Entrepreneurs Panel.


Glenn Elliott

Glenn Elliott

Glenn is a serial entrepreneur with over 20 years of CEO experience. He sold his last business, Reward Gateway, to PE three times. His skills are in product, engineering, sales and marketing, and his passions are leadership, company culture, employee engagement and social justice. In 2018, he wrote the Amazon HR Bestseller, Build it: A Rebel Playbook for World-Class Employee Engagement.
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