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Seamless payroll processing on a global scale

Partnership origins

With the business moving in the right direction, private equity was initially far from the top of activpayroll’s Founders’ agenda. But as international expansion continued and the opportunity to scale became clear, it was also evident that an external injection would be critical to take the business to its crucial next phase.

Why activpayroll chose Tenzing

activpayroll’s model had proven so successful that it grabbed the attention of a number of private equity firms for over four years before the deal with Tenzing was signed. When the leadership team felt it was the right time to make the jump, Tenzing stood out as “the right cultural fit. That was more important than the money.”

Motivation for investment

Known for its “seamless payroll processing on a global scale”, activpayroll had a clear vision – to become the leading global player. As businesses increasingly recognized the benefits of outsourcing tax and payroll functions across 150+ countries to streamline costs, activpayroll aimed to meet this demand. With that, though, came the need for a trusted partner to help accelerate the process.

The company’s strategy involved building on a strong foundation, expanding into new countries, and enhancing operational efficiency. This meant hiring more people, investing in technology, refining processes, and bringing to life initiatives outlined in its IT roadmap. These steps were crucial in accelerating activpayroll’s growth and solidifying its position in the global payroll landscape.

How have we helped activpayroll since investing?

Following our investment, Tenzing has played a supportive role in guiding activpayroll through a transformative journey from a family-run enterprise to an independent and scalable platform. This transition has been marked by substantial support in establishing a robust management team. Notably, Tenzing Sherpa, Anna Jackson, has been instrumental in this evolution, assuming the role of Managing Director UK on a full-time basis.

Under Tenzing’s guidance, activpayroll has successfully expanded its footprint into the Asia-Pacific region. This expansion was facilitated by the strategic acquisition of Malaysia-based Propay Partners, contributing to the company’s growing presence in the region. Additionally, activpayroll has bolstered its global mobility services through the acquisition of LIMES, further enhancing its capabilities and offerings on a global scale. 

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