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Partnership origins

When Altum welcomed Zena Couppey as CEO, the company had already invested significantly in its infrastructure, expanding its talented workforce from 45 to 100 employees. These changes provided the solid foundations Altum needed to increase its offering and expand into new jurisdictions. However, the leadership team recognised that juggling investment and growth at their current scale would be a challenging task.

Drawing from past experiences of private-equity-supported growth, Altum’s management started looking for a new investor. Their objective was to find more than just a capital provider; they sought a partner who would engage in a genuine collaboration, offering professional support and extensive networks.

Why Altum chose Tenzing

Amid considerable attention from the market, Altum’s leadership diligently sought a private equity firm that shared its vision and values. They were in search of a partner aligned with Altum’s journey and committed to working closely with their team.

Tenzing stood out as Altum’s preferred partner due to the comprehensive support package offered as part of the investment. This encompassed Tenzing’s M&A expertise and the Sherpa Programme, which provided invaluable mentorship and execution support. Altum’s management found this offering unique and highly attractive.

Motivation for investment

Operating in a market marked by substantial merger and acquisition activity and with £7.5 billion of growth in the sector, Altum recognized numerous opportunities for independent players like them.

Given Tenzing’s deep understanding of the marketplace, it was the ideal partner to bring strategic M&A value. Interestingly, during initial discussions, Altum discovered that Tenzing was also considering some of the same potential acquisitions that Altum had on its radar. This alignment of interests bolstered the team’s confidence in Tenzing as the right partner.

During my meetings with Tenzing, I felt they understood what we were looking for from a partnership perspective. At no point was it an out-of-the-box, standard private equity deal.”

Zena Couppey
CEO of Altum Group

What’s next for Altum?

Bolstered by a dynamic, young management team, Altum is experiencing steady growth while attracting top-tier talent. Tenzing’s investment represents a pivotal moment for the company, setting it on an accelerated growth trajectory. Altum now stands ready to leverage its Luxembourg acquisition and expand into new geographic markets.

Whether this expansion occurs organically or through acquisitions is a decision yet to be made. Nevertheless, Altum’s management team is confident that wherever the company ventures, success is assured. With its robust people, processes, and technologies, complemented by Tenzing’s expertise, enthusiasm, and energy, Altum is poised for an exciting future of growth.

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