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Partnership origins

EIKON, a trailblazer in digital content post-production since its founding in 2014, experienced rapid growth. After predominantly self-funding the business for its initial four years, the remarkable expansion necessitated a shift in strategy. Rejecting trade sale offers driven by a desire to avoid becoming a cog in a corporate machine, the path of private equity emerged as the most favourable route to sustain growth while preserving its unique identity.

Why EIKON chose Tenzing

EIKON’s initial venture into private equity garnered significant attention, leading to seven offers and a three-way bidding war that culminated in a deal in March 2018. This whirlwind success prompted management to seek a new private equity partner, one equipped with additional capital to fuel investments in technology and expand its Los Angeles facilities to meet soaring client demands.

Management identified Tenzing as the ideal partner to propel EIKON to its next stage of exponential growth and realize its ambitious goals. Tenzing’s alignment with EIKON’s cherished company culture played a pivotal role in this selection process.

Motivation for investment

EIKON is unwaveringly committed to becoming the market leader and setting the gold standard in all of its operations. Recognising the paramount importance of focusing on its core strengths and areas where it can deliver exceptional value, management sought a dedicated and aligned investment partner.

We’ve been massively protective of who we allow to join us, and Tenzing took time to understand our culture. We’re a media business in the entertainment industry, and having people who understood that was really important, as opposed to people who were just going to assess everything on a balance sheet.”

Peter Wright

What’s next for EIKON?

Committed to maintaining its position at the forefront of innovation, EIKON boasts some of the most technologically advanced facilities in Europe. State-of-the-art digital cinema facilities in London and Los Angeles, coupled with the development of software products in hosted workflow, campaign management, and licensing, underscore EIKON’s pursuit of excellence.
EIKON’s rapid growth has been underpinned by its reputation for outstanding service, quality, and security. It partners with major Hollywood studios and global streaming platforms, contributing to the success of global releases such as Ad Astra, Gemini Man, and Joker.

Tenzing’s significant growth capital is poised to further enhance EIKON’s digital screening facilities. Additionally, EIKON is tapping into Tenzing’s tech growth ecosystem, harnessing the expertise of its Entrepreneurs Panel in global visual effects software to expedite growth and deepen its product offerings.

Tenzing’s investment unfolds in two phases, with an initial boost facilitating the development of new software and a subsequent allocation earmarked for U.S. expansion when conditions are right.

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