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Tech-enabled accountants helping ambitious SMEs

Partnership origins

Bringing with her a wealth of experience and an entrepreneurial spirit forged through the creation and sale of two companies in the digital and professional services realm, Gravita’s CEO is well-equipped for her role.

In an industry undergoing consolidation, the intersection of digital transformation and accountancy services represents a unique and opportune moment. Gravita recognised the potential inherent in this period of transformation, where the company could play a pivotal role in shaping the future.

With a mission to improve the world through its tech-enabled mission-critical business services, Gravita’s ambitions and potential were compelling to Tenzing. Thus, a partnership was formed, providing Gravita with the financial strength needed to realise its objectives.

Why Gravita chose Tenzing

Gravita envisions a future where there are 10 to 15 technology-enabled accountancy providers, with one reigning supreme in the SME space – and it intends for that leader to be Gravita. To achieve this lofty goal, Gravita required financial backing to build the robust foundations necessary for sustained success.

Having had a longstanding association with Tenzing and its Founders since the inception of Tenzing’s journey, Gravita’s CEO felt confident in leading a firm partnered with Tenzing.

Underpinned by shared values and aligned objectives, Tenzing’s growth capital has empowered Gravita to explore extended horizons and consider returns measured not only in cash but also in enterprise value.

Motivation for investment

Gravita holds a deep passion for SMEs, recognizing them as an often overlooked and underappreciated segment. Smaller businesses contend with the same complexities as their larger counterparts, including regulatory compliance, financial requirements, reporting, and human resource challenges. Consequently, they require the same calibre of advice and services as larger enterprises.

To bridge this gap, Gravita is committed to delivering top-tier services comparable to those offered by major professional services firms. This involves leveraging digitally-enabled services and high-quality advice to provide a comprehensive, end-to-end solution covering all aspects of finance and accounting.

Tenzing’s capital has provided Gravita with the opportunity to make these aspirations a reality by investing in people development, systems, sales, and marketing. These investments are poised to fortify the company’s foundation for future growth.

A lot of private equity firms only really care about what you want to do with less focus on how you want to get there. Tenzing isn’t like that. Like me, the firm believes how you operate is as important as what you want to do.”

Caroline Plumb
CEO of Gravita

What’s next for Gravita?

With Tenzing’s support, Gravita is embarking on a mission to establish a new novel kind of consolidator. This entity will deliver end-to-end accountancy services that ambitious SME leaders require to propel their growth initiatives.

Armed with a clearly defined timeline, Gravita’s CEO exudes confidence in the company’s success. The business intends to carve a distinctive niche in the South of England by actively seeking partnerships with firms that share the vision of forging a unique path in the accounting sphere.

Gravita remains steadfast in its commitment to preserving the company’s unity as it expands. This entails fostering a cohesive team with one agenda, a single culture, and a clear purpose – all the essential elements for both team and business success.

The alliance between Tenzing and Gravita is poised to capitalise on the ongoing consolidation within the accountancy sector, enabling Gravita to continue progressing in a manner that serves its clients, its team, and its ambitious growth goals.

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