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Mahr EDV

Award-winning managed IT services

Partnership origins

In any business endeavor, a smooth and trouble-free operation is the ultimate aspiration. Bill Gates famously envisioned a computer on every desk, a vision that came with its own set of challenges. Addressing these challenges is at the core of Mahr EDV’s mission.

These challenges have presented an incredible opportunity for Mahr to expand its customer-centric managed services business and provide IT solutions to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) across Germany.

By assembling a dynamic team with diverse expertise, Mahr has thrived by actively listening to its customers, employees, and partners. The company has prioritised customer satisfaction and quality management, fostering a nimble and agile small-company atmosphere under the umbrella of a trusted brand.

With a solid foundation in place and a hunger for growth, Mahr’s Founder and CEO engaged with a diverse group of business leaders and investment firms. Through these interactions, he came to understand that the IT sector in Germany is highly fragmented, with numerous private equity-backed companies capable of acquiring complementary businesses.
This realisation led Mahr to seek the right private equity partner to propel its business forward.

Why Mahr EDV chose Tenzing

Mahr has thrived by challenging convention and embracing innovative solutions. Accordingly, its Founder sought a private equity partner that shared this unconventional mindset and could offer unique problem-solving capabilities.

The decision to partner with Tenzing went beyond accessing deep financial resources. Mahr recognized the value of tapping into Tenzing’s extensive expertise, which includes a Tenzing Sherpa, a team of Entrepreneurs Panel members, subject specialists, and a dedicated Acquisitions Director. This wealth of knowledge equips Mahr to pursue its ambitious growth objectives with confidence.

Crucially, Mahr’s Founder was committed to taking his team on this transformative journey, and this was a pivotal factor in choosing Tenzing. With Tenzing’s team of experts and diverse portfolio of companies, the opportunity for mutual learning and collaboration expands beyond conventional boundaries.

Motivation for investment

Germany’s market remains under-digitized, with the DACH (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland) IT services market valued at €4.8 billion and a robust 7.6% annual growth rate. Coupled with a scarcity of IT talent and mounting cybersecurity risks, Mahr is ideally positioned to expand its services across Germany. Its mission: to deliver seamless IT solutions that empower employee productivity.

For Mahr’s Founder, his business is not just a creation but the best thing he has ever built, second only to his family. He envisions it as an integral part of a larger narrative, and he believes that Tenzing is the ideal partner to help him realise this vision.

I decided on Tenzing as my private equity partner, because they truly focused on the future and discussed realistic – but ambitious – growth. Many other other investment providers looked backwards and made unrealistic promises or they set far too boring goals that could not meet our growth aspirations.”

Fabian Mahr
Founder & CEO of Mahr EDV

How have we helped Mahr EDV since investing?

With a reputation for excellence as its foundation, Mahr is poised to instil robust change management practices that will facilitate its organic growth into new German cities.

With the dedicated support of an Acquisitions Director, the company will identify and acquire suitable businesses. Furthermore, strategic marketing and sales initiatives are set to attract additional customers and bolster Mahr’s market presence.


Greg Brenninkmeyer

Greg focuses on growing and scaling portfolio companies in the DACH region and is excited to be venturing out as the first “local” Sherpa based out of Germany.
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