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Transport management software to hauliers of all sizes

Partnership origins

With significant revenue growth and two major acquisitions, Mandata knew it needed a new private equity partner for the next phase of its journey. For Mandata, this meant consolidating its position as the UK’s go-to transport management software provider and expanding into Europe through acquisitions.

It was Tenzing’s SaaS expertise and European networks that laid the foundations for this promising new partnership.

Why Mandata chose Tenzing

In the midst of a fiercely competitive sale process, Mandata found itself in the advantageous position of selecting its new private equity partner, seeking an investor who could contribute more than just financial backing.

Tenzing emerged as the standout choice by grasping the straightforward essence of Mandata’s strategic plan, aligning seamlessly with its vision for European expansion.

What set Tenzing apart was not just financial capability but a profound understanding of Mandata’s goals and the resources and networks essential to bolster the TMS leader throughout its acquisition journey. This alignment of vision and comprehensive support made Tenzing the ideal partner to catalyse Mandata’s growth and success.

Motivation for investment

Against a backdrop of Brexit and increased complexity and regulation, the haulage sector is also being asked by its customers for increased visibility of every good throughout its entire journey. As a sector that’s been late to adopt technology, Mandata’s customers have been impelled to turn to technology for greater clarity and efficiency. Not only in the UK but in European countries too.

Already private-equity backed, Mandata had achieved significant growth with its previous investor. However, with subscription revenue flourishing and a major acquisition that had consolidated Mandata’s UK presence, management felt it was time to secure a new private equity partner. One that could help it deliver on its European ambitions.

Mandata and Tenzing’s shared vision

Drawing from a robust 45-year history, our shared vision is to further strengthen Mandata’s position as the preferred transport management software provider for UK haulier SMEs. Bolstered by Tenzing’s support and strategic guidance for European expansion, the aspiration is to replicate this success on a larger scale.

The objective is crystal clear: to position Mandata as the leading supplier of transport management software for SMEs in Europe, echoing the achievements already realised in the UK.

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