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Chris Rigg

If there’s one one aspect that defines Chris Rigg’s career, it’s effectively managing rapid change. Having led a wide range of publicly traded, privately owned and private equity-backed businesses, Chris brings decades of growth delivery experience in rapidly adapting environments to Mandata. As a result, he’s led the business in its mission to drive efficiencies in the carrier and haulage industry with Mandata’s ahead-of-the-curve transport management software. In an increasingly complex sector, Mandata’s software provides the visibility that helps carriers meet customer expectations while delivering greater results.

Partnership origins and alignment

“With significant revenue growth and two major acquisitions, we knew we needed a new private equity partner for the next phase of our journey,” says Chris. For Mandata this meant consolidating its position as the UK’s go-to transport management software provider and expanding into Europe through acquisitions over the next three to four years.

It was Tenzing’s SaaS expertise and European networks that laid the foundations for this promising new partnership. As Chris admits, “I’m not a technology person. What I’ve done at Mandata, I’ve done on the back of broader business knowledge. But we’ve reached the point where that can only take us so far.”

“We’re now ready to welcome the support that Tenzing will bring. From European market knowledge to strengthening our management team and adding value to our software, I’m confident that this partnership will propel the business forward.”

Tenzing has been really determined right from the start. Throughout this process they’ve listened and adapted. That was a real positive for me, because it was a really good test of how our relationship would work.

Chris Rigg
CEO of Mandata

Why Mandata chose Tenzing

Thanks to a highly competitive sale process, Mandata was in a position to choose its new private equity partner and secure an investor who would bring “more than money” to the table.

“Tenzing stood out because they understood the simplicity of our plan, they shared our European expansion vision and they already had the resources and networks to support our acquisition journey,” says Chris.

An added bonus was Tenzing’s positivity and its ability to collaborate which gave Chris confidence that the business and personal relationships developed pre-deal would remain intact post-deal.

Motivation for investment

Against a backdrop of Brexit and increased complexity and regulation, the haulage sector is also being asked by its customers for increased visibility of every good throughout its entire journey. As a sector that’s been late to adopt technology, Mandata’s customers have been impelled to turn to technology for greater clarity and efficiency. Not only in the UK but in European countries too.

Already private-equity backed, Mandata had achieved significant growth with its previous investor. However, with subscription revenue flourishing and a major acquisition that had consolidated Mandata’s UK presence, Chris felt it was time to secure a new private equity partner. One that could help it deliver on its European ambitions.

“We knew we needed a dedicated partner for the next phase of the journey to maximise the business’ potential. I wanted a partner that brought greater software experience and the ability to drive European networks.”

Mandata and Tenzing’s shared vision

Building on 45 years of history, Chris predicts Mandata will soon confirm its place as the go-to transport management software provider for UK haulier SMEs. And, with Tenzing’s support and its European expansion plans, to replicate this success in Europe.

“In my mind, our goal is to become the same business that we are in the UK but in Europe. To become the leading supplier of transport management software to the SME market. It sounds very simple. But it’s actually a big differentiator.”

“We’re ready to combine the benefits of both Mandata and Tenzing’s expertise to maximise Mandata’s potential in the UK and on the continent.”

Key Facts

Growth Levers

  • Continued investment in technology driving ongoing SaaS migration and NPD
  • Increasing brand awareness and building a digital marketing presence
  • Internationalisation


Clive O’Sullivan

Clive works closely with Mandata’s Leadership Team across several strategic projects, including completing a strategic review of its marketplace product offering and supporting the Directors on executing on growth opportunities.

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