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Security awareness training that gets employees to care

Partnership origins

Starting our journey on a shared foundation of learning, growth, and a passion for technology, MetaCompliance and Tenzing found common ground that set our partnership off to a promising start. The Founder of MetaCompliance saw a match in Tenzing’s drive for growth and its mission, which not only resonated with the company’s values but also inspired them to aim higher.

Being a company that values continuous learning, MetaCompliance embraced the chance to gain insights from working with Tenzing. This collaboration allowed MetaCompliance to benchmark its progress against other portfolio companies and tap into a network that offered valuable perspectives on strategies employed by other growing businesses.

Why MetaCompliance chose Tenzing

With the vision of “moving up a league”, MetaCompliance was searching for an investment partner to help scale it considerably to give international competitors a run for their money. Allowing the company culture to flourish within the private equity environment was also a key consideration.

What solidified Tenzing as the ideal partner was our shared understanding of MetaCompliance’s mission and the enormity of the cybersecurity threat. This alignment not only complemented the strategic vision but also served as the proverbial icing on the cake in selecting a partner who not only invested in growth but truly grasped the core values and challenges of MetaCompliance.

Motivation for investment

Having energetically bootstrapped its way to establishing a robust organisation poised for growth, MetaCompliance’s management team recognised the limitations of self-funding as the company aimed higher. While contemplating options, including a trade sale, the consensus emerged that MetaCompliance was only just embarking on its journey and had untapped potential yet to be unleashed.

Confident in its unique approach to the human aspect of cybersecurity compliance, MetaCompliance saw the allure of its offerings for enterprise organisations. The company’s significant investments in localisation and cultural alignment ensured that its products resonated effectively in target markets. MetaCompliance stands out as an organisation unafraid to invest, be it in technology or people, driven by an unwavering commitment to realizing its ultimate goals.

“It’s like saying you’re going to run a marathon, and you practice by yourself running along the streets, then you get a coach, and the change in gears is quite substantial.”

Robbie O’Brien
Founder of MetaCompliance

How have we helped MetaCompliance since investing?

Tenzing’s strategic investment in MetaCompliance has proven instrumental in catapulting the company into a prominent position within the cybersecurity industry. One notable area of impact has been the further enhancement of its already stellar outbound sales engine, further solidifying MetaCompliance’s market presence.

The infusion of capital has not only fueled the company’s growth but has also enabled it to complete a strategic acquisition, thereby enhancing its international reach and introducing new product features that fortify its competitive edge.

Tenzing also helped to facilitate a smooth and successful founder transition within MetaCompliance, ensuring continuity and stability in leadership. This transition has allowed the management team to mature and embrace new challenges, fostering a dynamic environment geared towards exceeding set goals.

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