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Leading provider of news and intelligence for the Global Foreign Exchange & Fixed Income Markets

Partnership origins

Originating from a mission centered on delivering “all signal, no noise,” MNI has been a vital source of real-time data and cutting-edge insights, catering to traders, sales teams, hedge funds, and economists through multiple channels. The dynamic leadership duo of the CEO and Chair had already orchestrated a remarkable transformation for MNI. However, with the backing of Tenzing, they are now poised to embark on the next exciting chapter of their journey

By the end of 2018, MNI had pivoted from commoditised news distribution to high-value, mission-critical information, analysis and real-time insights. Propelled by an innovative outbound sales model, MNI’s strategic evolution set it apart from competitors and paved the way for robust, recurring organic growth.

With a track record of sustained success, MNI’s CEO recognised that the time had come to script the next chapter in the company’s narrative. Despite feeling like a Premier League champion, the team understood that this achievement was just the beginning.

The management team at MNI aspired to a more audacious goal, one akin to “joining the Champions League.” Their ambition wasn’t limited to mere competition; they aimed to become the Real Madrid of the data insight world, leading the field year after year.

To transform these ambitions into reality, MNI’s CEO realised that it was imperative to find a new investment partner who shared their soaring vision.

Why MNI chose Tenzing

A specific line from Tenzing’s website caught MNI’s CEO’s attention: ‘Turning high-growth businesses into global powerhouses.’ This resonated deeply with MNI’s philosophy. The management team sought a partner that equally cherished the pursuit of relentless improvement and shared their commitment to winning together.

Upon their first meeting, the chemistry between Tenzing and MNI was palpable, even over a Zoom call. MNI’s CEO noted that Tenzing’s team exuded warmth, friendliness, and empathy, with an impressive entrepreneurial focus and a proven track record.

He was impressed by the fact that Tenzing had genuinely grasped the essence of MNI from the outset and observed that we had done our homework diligently. This unwavering commitment from Tenzing gave him the assurance that we were the ideal private equity partner for MNI.

Motivation for investment

MNI’s CEO was eager to collaborate with a private equity firm because he understood that it would enable the business to amplify its reputation for delivering quality content, ensuring speedy delivery, and facilitating real-time client interaction. This strategic investment would empower MNI to realise its lofty ambitions and elevate to new heights.

With a passion for building exceptional teams, MNI’s CEO had already nurtured a strong talent pipeline within the organisation. However, he recognised that, to more than double the company’s size, he would require assistance in specific areas. He was particularly impressed by Tenzing’s Sherpa Programme, which aligned perfectly with his vision.

While acknowledging MNI’s substantial strengths, he maintained a humble and pragmatic outlook, understanding that to solidify its position in the Champions League, the invaluable expertise brought by Tenzing was indispensable.

I felt great about Tenzing from the moment I met them. Because - apart from being incredibly smart - they are very people-focused. This resonates with me and my management team because we also believe business is people.”

Terry Alexander

What’s next for MNI?

Looking ahead, MNI is gearing up to fulfil its vision of becoming the foremost provider of real-time insights and analytics in the global financial markets. The company has laid out a comprehensive four-year strategy that encompasses various crucial objectives. These include enhancing its core capabilities, making strategic investments in new technologies, furthering product development, and expanding its sales efforts. MNI also plans to build upon recently introduced products, introduce innovative offerings, explore opportunities in new asset classes, and attract fresh audiences. Additionally, the company aims to extend its reach into established and emerging markets while considering potential acquisitions as part of its growth strategy.

With Tenzing’s support, MNI is ready to cut through the noise and signal to the markets that there’s a new number one in town.

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